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Your Feet will Feel Great

Customized footwear makes all the difference.

Whether we build you a set of My Foot Rx custom foot orthotics, modify a pair of your shoes, or professionally fit you in a pair of therapeutic shoes, we will work to help your feet feel great.

Patient Services
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Orthotics Services

If you are on your feet all day, custom foot orthotics can help make your work shifts more tolerable. Do you want to stay active? Custom foot orthotics may be the solution for you. Whether you want to get out of the chair or work all night, give us a call, we can help!

Individual Consultation

Why do your feet hurt?

Meet with ABC Board Certified Pedorthist Bob Mc Roberts Jr. for a one-on-one consultation at one of our convenient locations. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your feet, identifying any issues impacting your feet, and an assessment of your challenges and needs. It is extremely important that Bob evaluate your current footwear and shoe liners. He will look for wear patterns to determine why your feet hurt. This is why Bob has a very high success rate in reducing or eliminating peoples foot pain. If he finds something that warrants a Podiatry visit, he will refer you to a great podiatrist in your area. After the evaluation, your feet will be professionally measured and a personalized mold will be created to serve as a model to design your custom orthotics.

We then fabricate your custom orthotics and may customize your shoes to accommodate any deformity or hard to fit areas of your feet. Along with your personalized product, you will receive detailed instructions for a wearing schedule and care of your orthotics. Schedule an appointment today to start enjoying the benefits of customized therapeutic footwear.

Orthotics Exam - Bloomer, WI

Accommodating Everyone

My Foot Rx makes every effort to accommodate those with special needs or disabilities. Our facility provides easy access for all of our patients including extra wide doors for wheelchairs, front door parking, and a flat entry to the front door. The hallways are extra wide, and we have a wheelchair-height shoe display and a handicap accessible service counter. The main patient room has a 600 lb. rated lift chair for patient assessments.

About Prescription Orthotics

What are Prescription Custom Orthotics?

Prescription orthotics are custom designed and individually fabricated to provide optimal support by carefully matching the contours of your feet and considering the way you move. Your Podiatrist or other medical professional will prescribe custom foot and ankle foot orthotics, and we fill that prescription based on your provider's instructions. We have worked with area providers for years successfully taking care of their patients. Prescription orthotics can often be paid for by your insurance.

About Custom Orthotics

Orthotics can effectively treat foot and ankle pain as well as knee, hip, and back discomfort.

Medical grade custom orthotics are specifically designed to comfortably support your feet. They are custom-made to accommodate the way you move and to precisely fit the contours of your feet, expertly fabricated from a three dimensional model of the foot.

Fabrication materials for the foot Orthotics are selected specifically for each patient. Custom foot orthotics are uniquely fabricated for each patient to promote comfort and provide effective ankle and foot pain relief. Your custom-made orthotics can last for years with proper care.

State-of-the-Art Lab

The My Foot Rx custom orthotics lab is located in our Bloomer facility. Custom, locally-made foot orthotics provide the benefits of exceptional quality control, seamless customization, short lead times, and a highly accurate fit. Adjustments are normally done on site saving time and not requiring extra appointments.

We offer the latest materials and manufacturing techniques crafted by highly skilled technicians and will quickly meet your individual requirements for specialty shoe work.

Patient Services

Customized Rocker Soles

Rocker soles can change the timing of your gait cycle and/or stride length and restore range of motion lost in the foot or ankle due to injury or arthritis. They help to unload sensitive parts of the foot, reduce calluses, and prevent ulcers. A steel shank may be used with the rocker sole if more rigidity is required.

Orthotic Ankle Joint Rocker

Ankle Joint Rocker

Inhibits demand for motion in the ankle joint

Orthotic Lisfranc Rocker

Lisfranc Rocker

Reduces propulsive force to midfoot

Orthotic Met-head Rocker

Met-Head Rocker

Reduces ground-reactive forces to ball

Orthotic MPJ Rocker

MPJ Rocker

Inhibits demand for dorsiflection of toes

Orthotic Heel Rocker

Heel Rocker

Elevations are useful to compensate for limb length discrepancies

Orthotic Healing Rocker

Healing Rocker

Holds foot dorsiflexed to off-load forefoot

Orthotic Specialty Products

Custom & Therapeutic Shoes

Custom shoes are specially designed for each patient to help address challenging fitting issues for those with special mechanics deficiencies or foot deformities from conditions like severe arthritis, polio, or complications due to diabetes. Custom shoes are often covered by insurance.

Therapeutic shoes allow for the appropriate amount of space for your toes and may include liners or pads to provide comfort for patients with callouses, ulcers, or painful pressure points. Therapeutic shoes may be prescribed for patients who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, bunions, and other painful foot conditions.

Pedorthic Shoe Modifications

Pedorthic footwear modifications can also be performed to make shoes more comfortable by adding support, providing cushioning, and relieving stress and pressure points. Pedorthic shoe modifications, in conjunction with foot orthotics, can help remove pressure from sensitive or at-risk sensitive areas of the foot.

Painful Foot Conditions

Custom shoe modifications are key to helping those who require custom shoes because of advanced foot conditions including toe or forefoot joint deformities or are receiving specialty wound care to make room for an enlarged or painful area of the foot. They also help to realign or rebalance the musculoskeletal system to help control motion and accommodate fixed deformities.

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Sole flaring provides additional leverage and helps to control the heel by increasing the base support.

Lateral flare medial stabilizers widen the shank of the shoe and allow a deformed collapsed foot additional room through the mid-foot. Widened shanks help patients who cannot fit into a standard sized shoe. Those with a collapsed foot or diabetes require the additional support and extra room to relieve excessive pressure on their feet and prevent the development of an ulcer.

Medial stabilizers or medial buttresses help patients who require additional support on the inside of the foot. For this modification, the outside skin of the sole is cut and peeled back, and the medial aspect of the shoe is built up with black crepe that is perfectly sized and smoothed. When the shank is widened and the medial part of the shoe reinforced, the outside skin of the sole is replaced to conceal the modifications so the wearer does not feel conspicuous.

Shoe midsole excavations and fills are used for patients who have severe calluses, bony protrusions, or an ulcer. This modification provides offloading and can effectively provide pain relief for these areas.

Orthotic Steel Shanks - Bloomer, WI

Extended steel shanks make the shoe sole rigid so it will not bend. They limit the range of motion and help to reduce pain in the mid and forefoot joints. They work with a mid heel to toe rocker with help with toe off and heel strike.

A metatarsal bar is a thin, tapered piece of 1/4 inch material added to the sole of the shoe behind the metatarsal head region of the foot that joins the shoe heel. This is a great modification to relieve painful metatarsal heads.

A zipper addition allows easier entry for patients with a brace, a rigid foot, or those who are unable to tie their shoes. Velcro additions, hook and loop additions, and pull-side switch or extensions also allow for easier entry or closure for those who do not have good use of their arms or fingers. A strap extension helps with very wide feet or swelling.

Custom Footwear

My Foot Rx will help you select the perfect shoe to accommodate your new custom orthotic. We recommend several therapeutic shoe brands which offer a number of quality options including diabetic footwear in a variety of colors and styles. We are constantly researching shoe companies and their new products and will find a very good shoe fitting solution for you!

My Foot Rx recommends only the highest quality shoe brands, orthotic products, and material companies including Anodyne Shoes, Marathon Orthotics, Dr. Comfort, Kenetrek Boots, New Balance, OrthoFeet, and Propet.

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